Moving, downsizing or de-cluttering?

Tracey will manage the whole process

and be on-hand to sort out any oversights.

Not sure where to start?

Overwhelmed by your possessions?

Can't decide what to get rid of or how?


With her thoughtful personality and gentle sense of humor, Tracey will accompany you through each room of your home, advising you when to let go of superfluous items in order to maximize your space. It will also lift your mood and can save you money!


Tracey has an extraordinary sense of space and order. She reuses and repurposes to create a system that works for you. You will never lose time again trying to find something!


In order to ensure that the new organization remains permanent, Tracey is a master of designing and introducing systems that increase productivity. She understands we all have busy lives and so works with each client to implement a simple and meaningful system that works for them.


Whether it be furniture, china or old records, Tracey will try and find a new home for your unwanted items, decluttering your home all in one fell swoop. Her goal is to avoid filling up our landfill sites and still reduce your content footprint. Recycling, reusing and repurposing are in her DNA!


Leave it all to Tracey! She advertises and arranges the sale of any items you no longer want or need, she decides and negotiates prices and arranges pick up of the belongings once they are sold, so you have time to enjoy the feelings of accomplishment!


Tracey has an innate ability to set up meaningful donations as she believes everything can be re-used. She takes over this process so you can sit back and feel good that your unwanted items are going to those in need.


Just ask and Tracey will likely have the solution for you? No job is too small and she will ensure every last detail is taken care of; including, returning your wifi router, planting your front porch containers or purchasing the perfect clothes hangers!


Tracey has an impressive network of trusted contacts; from Interior Designers and Realtors to Home Stagers and Handymen. She will liaise with any of these to facilitate your project and manage the relationship for you from beginning to end.